Since 1989, EUROSIAM provides products and services to the European and American pet accessory markets (dog, cat, bird, fish and rodent).

EUROSIAM has no private label and offers products to customers with their own trademarks. There is never any conflict of interests between EUROSIAM and its customers.

The major actors on the global pet market have been our customers for many years.

Our Head Office is located in France, near Paris.



- A privileged lookout allowing us to understand better the market trends and needs

- More choice thanks to our sourcing and design departments

- More services with Eurosiam’s expertise through customs clearance, packaging and private labelling solutions, supply chain management, etc...

- More safety with products complying with standards, rules and legislations

- Easier: one order, one delivery, one invoice for a very wide range of available pet products

- More convenient: each Key account customer of EUROSIAM is handled by only one contact person

No matter if you do business across the world or across the country; or you’re a global player or plan to be one; if you want to outsource all or just part of your sourcing, design and logistics activities ; EUROSIAM is the right partner for you.

EUROSIAM is not a trader. We offer much more…

Sourcing, creativity, products development, services and logistics are the major focus of our company.



All the factories selected by EUROSIAM are submitted to a preliminary audit and regular inspections by our own staff based in Shanghai.

These controls allow us to evaluate the environmental, social, technical and legal points.

In selecting our sources we have a “material” and “industrial skills” approach, with the same grade level of quality and safety requirements as for human standards.



We develop product lines according to customer needs and/or requests or offer original products created by our designers exclusively:

- bedding

- cat furniture

- bowls

- etc…

New products are offered regularly according to customer schedule. Our team guarantees the follow-up, from creation to industrial application in the respect of regulations.



We recommend the most suitable packaging for the products to be preserved, protected, and enhanced in the most efficient way considering the available packaging equipments in the factories.

Our designers create your packaging as it is a free service we offer to our customers.



International business regulations quickly change. We are in permanent contact with the various competent authorities in order to comply with the regulations of the country of destination.

EUROSIAM has skills to make sure that manufacturing meets the standards, rules and legislations either by our own inspection or independent laboratory tests.



ZAC de Haute Picardie, 1 Allée de BRUXELLES, 80200 ESTREES DENIECOURT, FRANCE

Boite postale : BP 10123, 80203 PERONNE CEDEX, FRANCE

Tel : +33 (0) 322 847 847